We all possess intuition, but we don’t always follow it. We all have self-awareness, but we rarely listen to it. We can sense what is bad for us, but we do it anyway. We have an idea what we should do, and still don’t do it.

Sounds familiar? Welcome to my blog!

This is my project: I observe and record what I discover about myself and others around me. At the same time I do a little bit of research and explore related facts and fictions.

The Cycle of My Life: Observing a whole hormonal cycle and recording daily feelings, basal body temperature and anything else going on with hormones and life at the time.

The Sugar Hangover Diaries: Dealing with my sugar sensitivity and the arising cravings, mood swings and relapses.

Mind over Matter: Coming to terms with work related stress and anxiety.

Your Cycle of Life: An option for you to express your thoughts and experiences, hoping that it will help others become aware of their own patterns. If you feel like stuck in a rut or a repetitive cycle, or have successfully overcome a destructive pattern of yours, share your experience!

I’m looking forward to sharing my insights with you!


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